"AI will probably most likely lead to the end of the world, but in the meantime, there'll be great companies emerging"

Sam Altman


Unasimba Mathonsi

Remember when Steve Jobs' Apple launched the first iphone? the aura, how futuristic and cutting edge it all was? His design principles? Anyway I've been obsessed with technology for as long as i can remember. Growing up in a small, lovely dusty little village in Africa, technology was and still is the closest thing to magic I know, how it is even at the heart of our evolution as a species.

This fascination with technology in general had me in a deep dive to try understand the science behind it all. I have always been creative, however i wanted to harness the power of technology to enhance my work[automation for optimum results], or do something creative and innovative with technology. This was a self introspection after high school. A deep rooted desire to learn had me enroll with the University of Sunderland(UK) for a BSc Honors Degree course in computer Systems Engineering.

That's where I was introduced to different disciplines like programming, app development and my favorite, "Artificial Intelligence". I also got the pleasure of meeting a bunch of dynamic awesome souls who have grown to be experts in their respective fields, most of whom walk this journey with me today.

2021 live-Shuffle was created, from a desire to revolutionize media content creation and we have been refining our skills and processes to produce the best most exquisite creations for our clients. We couldn't be more pleased to finally be able to help usher in a new era of doing things, with cutting edge tools to curate content that would otherwise cost an arm and a leg, not to mention losses in time and resources.

“Live shuffle creations is about understanding our clients' vision and business needs, then curating digital content to their satisfaction“

woman in pink shirt sitting in front of black laptop computer
woman in pink shirt sitting in front of black laptop computer

Pros at what they do

The quest to finding and providing the best possible solutions and alternatives to digital content creation has attracted professionals from different disciplines to Live Shuffle Creations. From designers, Copywrite experts to engineers, all of them are absolute beasts at what they do. And more importantly, we are always ready to explore and experiment in order to keep on delivering products your brand will thank you for choosing.

Things we believe in

1. Our Creations are an experience into a new age, not a regular product
2. Do it right, or don't do it at all
3. If it exists in mind ,then it can be manifested into its physical equivalence.
4. Provide value and maintain harmonious relations with all people.
5. Tell the truth
6. Don’t let someone tell you that you can’t do something
7. Take risks
8. Exceed your limits
9. Don’t like something because everybody else does
10. Stay a rebel....Do the unorthodox

''think different. ''- Steve Jobs

At live Shuffle we also move ''different''.